Malangaan Cave and Spring & travel guide

Yayyyy my first adventure for 2016.
It is one of those things that you dont plan, but did pushed thru, which makes it adventureFULL.
Overview, Malangaan is a cave and spring in San Rafael, Bulacan, north of Manila.
We have 4 days to prepare, me and my dear friend Othel. Gladly blogs are very helpful in a lot of things, and luckily I have a friend (Ernesto) which is a native of Angat who helped us as well.
Speaking of Angat, this church caught our eyes, and we LOVEEE it, so we decided to stop a bit before going to our destination. (note: one of the landmark you’ll pass thru going to Malangaan)

Simbahan ni Sta. Monika Angat Bulacan

This is Simbahan ni Sta. Monica. It is a 240+ years old church. Full of history, definitely a part of our heritage.

And after approx. 2 hours of traveling, we are finally here…

Our first photo of the Spring, and it didn’t disappoint. Water is cold, and very inviting, we already wanted to jump in, but first things first…..


My first ever Spelunking. And my first photo of the cave.
And then next….


And more…..

But we didn’t stop there.
We decided to continue the walk, and hike further up, sa tuktok nang bundok.


The one on the upper right tip of those mountain tops.

imageAnd what a GREAT  view to behold.

We stayed there for a few minutes to enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of nature and to rest.
The cool breeze with a wonderful view just relaxes the whole you.
But then it is time to go down and COOL down …

A colorful new gang.

Going home, we decided to walk from Tukod to Pulo to enjoy more of nature and experience the winding road of the barangay.

It took us about 2 hrs, wheeewwww tired but super fun experience.
Looking forward for another adventure.

To help you out to get there:
1. Take a Jeep SM Fairview-Norzagaray, cost P45, tell the driver to drop you at the jeepney terminal going to Angat.


This is the landmark ” Angat-Garay Terminal”


On the left side of the main road there is a small road going to the terminal.

2. Jeep Norzagaray to Angat. cost: P10, the landmark is the Sta. Monica Church.

3. Take a tricycle going to Barangay Pulo, cost: P22/pax. Tell the driver to drop you at the tricycle terminal going to Tukod.


4. Take a special trip tricycle going to and from Malangaan, make sure to arrange the return trip as well coz it’s quite far. cost: P300 roundtrip.

“Venture through the NATURE and be caught up in bliss by her BEAUTY”



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