Museum of the Filipino People


The Museum of the Filipino People, is a component museum of the National Museum of the Philippines that houses the anthropology and archaeology divisions.

The gallery presents information on the origins of the Philippine Islands and the Filipino nation.

End with the formalities, peruse and enjoy the photos:

The San Diego Homecoming Exhibit :  history of this Spanish battleship when it clashed with the Dutch ship Mauritius on December 14, 1600 just off Manila Bay where it sank bringing down countless artifacts represented on displays such as ceramics, coins, potteries, jewelries, armaments and other numerous objects.
Plates, bowls, cups and bottles recovered from the San Diego were mostly decorated with birds, cocks, geese & deer designs which were popular during the 16th century.
A section/slab of the historic Berlin Wall from the German government


The Archaeological Treasures Gallery portrays secondary burial jar collections as well as samples of other utilitarian vessels unearthed from different cave sites in the Philippines.


Life of the Lumads of Mindanao: Faith, Tradition and Places

But nothing beats the REAL thing, so if you have time please do visit  our Museums, you’ll be surprised on how FUN and INTERESTING it is.

You can visit all by yourself, so that you’ll have time to enjoy every exhibit on your own phase.

The Origin (Pinagmulan) origins of the Philippine Islands and the Filipino nation: Paleolithic; Neolithic; Metal; and Ceramic Age

Or visit with friends and family, enjoy the discussion and chit chat on all the weird but fascinating artifacts your eyes can see.

Baybayin : Ancient and Traditional Scripts of the Philippines
Hibla ng Lahing Filipino : The Artistry of Philippine Textiles


Helpful Information : 

The National Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Free admission on Sundays.

Individual Fee (PHP)
Student 50.00
Senior Citizen 120.00
Adult 150.00

Location: P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila

Other Helpful Links:

FAQ ; Visitors Information ; Contact Details ; Main Website 

NOTE: Cap/Hat, Selfie Sticks are NOT allowed inside the museum.


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