Borawan side trip Kamay ni Hesus


This is a planned trip, one month in conception. We have  a friend who knows a Hi-Ace owner/driver  Kuya Rommel, who knows a bangka owner and a friend of one of the resort owner. I already forgot how much we spent per pax, but I know that it is a good deal. We are a group of 8, friends from way back Jollibee days.

Bee Happy Gang

The main shoreline of Borawan are dotted with the few huts and a small sari sari store. Shorelines are divided by a limestone rocks which really makes the island unique. Half side is where the Nipa huts, the store and toilets are, the other side is where the longer shoreline is, where some put up their tents.



Obviously the whole gang is excited, not just to swim but to take photos of this quaint island. We made sure that we did not leave any spot unturned.


Right after lunch , we decided to take a small island hopping tour, sadly I do not have that much photo of the event, but it was fun, the not so good thing though, is you have to pay entrance fees for almost every island if you want to stop and and take a swim. So instead, we just enjoyed every island through our bangka, which is a bit dull.

the view of the other island
the longer shoreline

We stayed overnight here, enjoyed nature and its silence + the laughter and senseless chitchats of old friends.

Borawan Island sunset

The next day we left the island quite early, avoiding the traffic going back to Manila and because we still have time to spare, we decided to drop by Kamay ni Hesus n Lucban Quezon.



It was indeed an enjoyable short trip.

Kuya Rommel is still open to drive and guide anyone who wanted to go here or other parts of the Philippines. You can message him on his Facebook account Rommel Ramirez  .

Here are ways to get to Borawan Island :  Take a bus bound to Lucena, travel will take you around 3 and a half hours to 4. From Lucena Grand Terminal, take a bus bound to Padre Burgos. Ask the driver to drop you off at Basiao junction. From there you can rent a trike or walk your way to the beach where your boatman can take you to the island.





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