Batlag + Daranak + Regina RICA

The entrance going to Daranak and Batlag Falls

Overview: Daranak Falls is 14-meter high waterfalls cascading into a deep catch basin that serves as a natural pool in Tanay Rizal. Batlag falls is located just above Daranak, it is less developed surrounding which gives a more Natural impression.

We already stayed overnight at a friends place in Binangonan, so that it will be easier and faster for us to get there (that excited :)). All are first timers, we just checked a lot of blogs for instructions how to get there and things to bring etc.

A friend offered his Van to be used as transportation, we just chip in for the gasoline and the parking fee.

The main plan was really go to Batlag falls, because we’ve heard that there are less people going there making it more relaxing and close to nature kinda feeling. Lol

Daranak Falls

But because we also have to pay the entrance fee of P50 at Daranak, we might as well use it.

After taking photos up to our hearts content, we pushed thru with the Main plan.

After walking up the mountain (exaggerating!!!! ) for about 10-15 minutes, we reached the entrance of Batlag, and voila another entrance fee of P 100 and an additional fee for renting tables (P200).

Batlag didn’t disappoint. We are the only ones there, the falls and the pools are all ours.


The water here is cooler than the one in Daranak, feels FRESHer because water passes through here first.

We didn’t jumped in right away. After the 15 minutes walk, that for some felt forever (peace yo!!) everyone needs to recharge their batteries first. So we took our lunch, changed on our swimming clothes and photo op time….

Batlag have 2 pools. The side where the water is falling is not too deep and bigger. And then there is the other side that is less than half of the bigger pool but, as the locals says it, “2 kataong lalim”. I do not know how to swim, so I just decided to stay on the safe side, and take more photos.



After swimming (a bit) and posing for the cameras (mostly), it is time for us to go home. It is still early, but we were told about Regina Rica which is also in Tanay, and everyone wanted to stop by there.

With the help of some blogs and the internet (google maps), we found our way.

Regina RICA

Regina RICA (Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia) it is an up and down the hill place with the  iconic 71-foot statue of the Our Lady on Top of the Hill as a centerpiece. It is not a park or a recreational activity area.  Regina RICA, the sisters say, is a place of prayer, pilgrimage and peace

Dress code – short shorts and too revealing upper garments are not allowed. They have stores inside the place that sells long skirts and shawls to cover yourself.

How to get to Regina RICA :

1.From Starmall EDSA take a Van going to Tanay, tell the driver to drop you at “Tanay -Sampaloc Jeepney terminal”.

2. Take the Tanay-Sampaloc jeep and go down at the marketplace in Sampaloc, Tanay.

3. Take a tricycle going to Regina RICA.


How to get to Daranak/Batlag Falls :

1. From EDSA Starmall FX/van Terminal, Shaw Boulevard, ride a van bound to Tanay, Rizal. The van stops at the Tanay Public Market.

2. At Tanay Public Market, hire a tricycle going to Daranak Falls.



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