Potipot Island

Potipot Island view from the mainland

Overview : Potipot Island is located roughly 1 km from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. It is also called ” Little Boracay of the North”.

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This is my very first CouchSurfing Event. I already had plans of going out of town for the weekend, and then I saw this event on the website. What better way to enjoy new places? Meet new friends? Adventure by learning new things? and promoting the beauty of our country Philippines?  Best way is thru CouchSurfing .


The event was organized by a seasoned CSer, mostly calls her “Ropa the Explorer“. We met up at  a Petron Station in Makati by 4am, this is the first time i’ll be meeting all of the attendees. All 17 of them from different countries like Belgium, Germany, India, Caribbean islands, Malaysia and Philippines. We left the place about 4:30 and traveled about 7 hours going to Uacon, Candelaria Zambales.


We took our lunch at the mainland and buy food and things we need for overnight camping.

The nearest market from the jump off point to Potipot is at Sta. Cruz, Zambales, approx. 15 mins by tricycle from the resort. They have wet and dry and supermarkets there. Restaurants are limited, they only have “Mang Inasal ”  and a small Carinderia.


The island itself is just 10-15 minutes away from the mainland, we already had a contact who arranged the bangka. It is already late afternoon when reached the jump off point, a few strong winds made the the ride more exciting but very safe. Reminder, don’t sit at the front seats, or you will be wet, or get soaked even, which makes it FUN.


We did not waste anytime, right away we looked for the perfect place to put our tents, with proximity to the grilling station, shower area and the beach. 


Some already prepared to swim, but I helped out first and start cooking our dinner. After cooking the rice, which took me forever, I cleaned up, changed on my trunks and enjoyed the beauty of the island.

We waited for the sun to set on the other side of the island, enjoying every moment and comeliness of nature. Plus photo-op time and bonding moments.

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Right after the sun disappears, it is time to clean up and have an early dinner, as there are no electricity on the island.

Menu for the night, Bangus filled with tomatoes and onions, and Laswa (vegetable dish), plus the fresh local fruits like bananas and Philippine mangoes.

The moon is up and the sky is clear, and after eating a lot, we need to burn a bit of those calories before going to sleep. We walked around the island, tried looking for snakes with the guidance of Kuya Tino. We can only hear the sound of the waves, splashing at the shores, everyone else seems asleep and then we found some hermit crabs and had one of the best race we ever had.

Right after the walk, sleep is kicking in, as much as I love to enjoy the night playing more and getting to know the whole gang, I decided to sleep. Goodnight Potipot Island, bidding goodbye to Day 1.

Day 2 :


Woke up 5:30 in the morning, sun is almost up, but everyone else are likely sleeping. Me time, to go a stray and basked on the beauty of the island.


Time passes by here so fast but so relaxing. After satisfying myself thru the amazing calmness of the morning and the warmth of the rising sun, decided to go back to our camp and helped out on preparing our breakfast.

Right after breakfast it is time for some fun games. We started with “touch the dragon’s tail game“. Losers crawled in between the legs of the winning team.

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2nd game ” Defend your Base ”

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We all where pleasurably entertained with the games, and for some a bit nostalgic as we used to play it during our childhood days. We enjoyed every moment of it, the cardio, the scratches, every fall after running so fast not to get caught, and most of all the laughter and smile everyone has during and after.

more photos before we leave ….

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” Every NEW FRIEND, is a new adventure … the start of more memories ” – Patrick Lindsay

For additional information that can help you plan your trip to Potipot, you can check this out ” Potipot Information


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  1. I didn’t know much about Potipot Island.:) thanks to your blog. I’ll be visiting Zambales this year, in Nagsasa and Anawingan in particular. I will hopefully visit Potipot when in Zambales.:)


    1. Bohdj c",) says:

      Have fun on your trip. And do try to visit Potipot as well, it has its own unique charm that you’ll also love . c”,)

      Liked by 1 person

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