Mt. Sipit Ulang & Payaran Falls


Yayyyyy!!! A weekend full of fun and adventures with the weekend warriors / Coushsurfing Manila team. Another weekend learning different cultures (in some ways), and making new friends. This weekend adventure is consist of individuals from Philippines, France, Germany, Iran, USA, Malaysia and Belgium.

always start the day with a good breakfast @ Jollibee

Overview : Yet another hiking destination in Rodriguez, Rizal is Mt. Sipit Ulang in Brgy. Mascap. This mountain, which literally means “crab’s claw”, is named after the claw-like rock formation at its pinnacle. Like many of the newly-discovered mountains in Rizal, Mt. Sipit Ulang features limestone trails and spectacular scenery at the top.


After breakfast and ‘food & booze’ shopping, we reached the jump off point at Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez Rizal at about 11am. Decided that we will hike right away, so we packed things we needed for the hike and then paid the Environmental fee of P50, had a briefing, a little photo-op and start hiking.

The approximate hiking time is from 2-3 hours, depends on the frequency of taking photos and selfies mostly, lol . There are different trails going up, we took the Super trail (or is it Paniki?!). The terrain is quite manageable, which is good for a beginner like me.

mini/baby Sipit Ulang

Halfway you’ll reached  this mini Mt. Sipit Ulang, a good place to rest and maybe take a break and at the same time take photos, selfies, group shots and more. image

We got separated a bit with half of the team and while waiting/looking for them we passed through this area, where there is this view, overlooking the Sierra Madre range, and of course we need to stop and take more photos, while the rest had a little dancing competition going on.

After a few minutes past the 2 hours supposed hike time, of going up, down, side, below and inside the mountain…… we reached the top, and let the pictures describe it all.

overlooking the other 3 peaks, Hapunang Banoi, Pamitinan and Binacayan
in between Mt. Sipit Ulang’s peaks
Weekend Warriors

We stayed on top for about 15 minutes, enjoyed the view in different ways. Some just enjoyed looking at it and some (like usual Filipinos are) endless photo opportunity.


After a lot of “1,2,3 click…. one more, 1,2,3 click…. isa pa!!! ” LOL, it is time to get down. The descend is quite easy, trail is very direct and it took us just about 30 minutes to the jump off point.

After reaching the jump-off, we rested while waiting for the tricycle that will bring us to the jump-off point going to Payaran Falls. The tricycle ride is very bumpy but a lot of fun for us all. It took about 10 mins then another trek going to the falls.


After about 20 minutes :



The falls is quite dry and small, but the water is just COOL enough to relieve the sweat and heat we had after the hike. We enjoyed as much what the place has to offer and grateful for the natures stress relieving shower and bath.

Almost 4pm already and everyone is famished, time to eatttt!!! We head down  to Kuya Tino’s place, where lunch is ready and prepared by our dear host, Kuya Tino and Ate Rose and his team.

This is where we stayed, overlooking this grand view. One of the best rest house you can imagine. Surrounded with the beauty of nature, no telecom signals, definitely a place you can reflect and have a fun, bonding time with friends.


Another weekend of enjoyment, fellowship and adventure has come to an end.

A summary of the trip thru this simple VIDEO EDIT . Enjoy!!!

How to get there : 

Public : 1.Take a Van, Cubao to Montalban (Eastwood) ; price:P50 approx 1-1.5 traveling time. 2. Take a tricycle, Montalban  to Brgy. Mascap;Fare to be verified, approx 30 mins traveling time.

Private: Head out to Rodriguez, Rizal via Marikina and San Mateo, then follow the road to Wawa Dam. From the bridge in Marikina River, turn right and ask around for the Mascap-Puray Road which leads to the barangay.

Until next time weekend warriors.

The spirit of JOY prevails, where the spirit of CAMARADERIE exists!


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  1. @jethro says:

    Nice. You can also check mine. hope to see you at the peak. Lol 🙂 Enjoy God’s fascinating beauty thru His creations.


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