Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

Calaguas Island, my first time experience (coz there will definitely be more). The highlight of my summer this year, and one of MY top beach destination in the Philippines.


Overview : The Calaguas is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Islandand Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island . Most of the islands are under the administrative jurisdiction of Vinzons, while the minor island of Maculabo is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Paracale. Mahabang Buhangin, a well known long beach famous for its white powdery sand, is located in Tinaga Island.


We (Me + Jollibee Team + Travel Meister ) traveled overnight, from Quezon City to Camarines Norte for approximately 8 hours, reaching Paracale just in time for breakfast. Food options are a bit limited, but very Filipino market style. Breakfast like the usual pansit, pandesal, instant coffee (P5 vendo machine), and other bakery products. After buying supplies that we need for the island, we directly went to Paracale port  where our bangkero waits. The whole group is consist of 40 pax, team Jollibee +me alone consist of 12.

Team Jollibee

It took us 3 bangkas and approximately 2 hours of travel going to Calaguas island. Reminder to all, make sure to put your sunblock or wear your rash guards before you start the trip. The scenery, the air, the splash of waves are very inviting, to just bask from nature’s glory, but the mighty Sun is not forgiving, as much as I love the warmth of its rays.(LOL based on my sun burnt skin.)

After two long hours of rolling with the waves, this view welcomes us.


It is almost middle of the day when we reached the island, and as what I always say “No time to waste!” Unpacked my tent, set it up, changed for my swimming clothes, sunblocked, camera, ready to explore. I tried persuading the rest of the group to join me, but they just can’t stand the heat, so I wander alone.


Walked along the beach, under the scorching heat of the sun, powdery white sand under my feet. I devoured, through my eyes, natures gift to mankind. After a few minutes of walk, strut and a few jumps, the sea is calling me. Without having second thoughts, put my camera down and jumped right away. Ohhh!! Ahhhh! Seriously, that’s how it feels, because the water is so refreshingly cool. Soaked my whole body for almost an hour, until it is time for lunch.


Lunch was fast, I can’t even remember what happened. Right after, there comes the spirits, alcohols and snacks. What the f*** (hahaha), this is what you call bonding time. Part of the conversation is the next activity, island hopping starts at 4pm.

Balagbag Island

Balagbag island, is a combination of rolling hills, rough rock formations and sandy shores. A lot of places in this island are picture perfect, with that being said, I do not know how long we explored the island, but it’s almost sunset when we finished. Highly recommended to visit this islet.


Time moves fast when you are having fun, only a few minutes left to enjoy  beach bumming while the sun is still up. Photos here, photos there, splashing the cool water of the sea while musing on sun setting on the horizon.


Day one ends with a shower, dinner, a few night activities and more alcohol. Slept early, cannot wait for the sun to rise and another day of this magnificent island.

Woke up about 5am, sun is showering its lights but still hiding, best time for a cup of coffee, while meditating with the sound of waves and breeze of the wind. Good morning Calaguas!!! It is time to hike.



Mahabang Buhangin ( Long Beach)

Overnight stay is not enough. ” I will come back Calaguas”.


The whole group organized by “Travel Meister” just another weekend of Bohdjventure.

For a summary of things that happened, a simple video edit on the LINK: Calaguas Video.

 Until next time for more of Bohdjventures! c”,)




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