Travel Guide: How to get to Lucban Quezon from Metro Manila

Lucban is one of the Municipalities in Quezon Province, north of Manila. It is famous for Pahiyas Festival which is held every 15th of May.

Church of Lucban

How to get there….

by Public Transportation from Metro Manila (Quezon City):

  1. Take a bus (Jac LinerLucena Lines, Grand Star, or Tritran/Jam bus) bound to Lucena City. Passenger terminals are located in EDSA-Kamuning/Kamias in Quezon City. You’ll get off at Lucena Grand Terminal. (Duration : approx 5 hours, Fare: Php200+)
  2. From Lucena Grand Terminal you can take a Jeepney, Van or a mini Bus going Lucban. (duration: approx 45 mins, fare Php30 or less).

by Private Vehicle:

  1. Use South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)
  2. Take Sto. Tomas Exit
  3. You will be passing the towns of Alaminos (Laguna), San Pablo (Laguna), Tiaong (Quezon), Candelaria (Quezon), Sariaya (Quezon).
  4. Upon reaching the junction road, go straight to Tayabas, Quezon using the Tayabas-Sariaya Road.
  5. After getting to Tayabas, follow the Tayabas – Lucban Road.

Other attractions and places to visit in Lucban,Quezon :

  1. Kamay ni Hesus 

    2. Lucban Church / San Luis Obispo Church


    3. Mt. Banahaw

    4. La Casa de Dona Ana

    5. Mustiola Restaurant inside the yellow heritage house

    6. Cafe San Luis

    “Wherever you are, be ALL there.” – Jun Elliot


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great photos! Are there a lot of visitors even on a normal day? Thanks for the guide! 🙂


    1. Bohdj c",) says:

      Normal days don’t have this colourful decorations. Just like a usual a festival. Which means, very few tourist on a regular day.


      1. Oh! Haha it’s looks amazing! I should plan a trip when there’s a festival then 🙂


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