Tokyo Tonteki @ Greenbelt 5

Yayyyyy! I am expanding my posts/ blog not just on travel adventures but to anything I felt like an adventure. Most probably on my 1st time experiences on all sorts of things like eating something, or somewhere, trying new stuffs or a new lifestyle.

Let us start with food. I love eating, I love Japanese foods, the taste, the presentation, the service (expected from any Japanese restaurants because of how polite Japanese are). I have the appreciation for it because of my Aunt and sister, who works there and who introduced the whole family on anything Japanese.

This particular experience is with my friends from Singapore, who already experienced dining  at this specific restaurant and suggested for us to try it as well. And so we did.

Facade of the restaurant @ Greenbelt 5

One thing that my friends enjoyed here is the unlimited serving of rice, miso soup, cabbage and the eggplant teriyaki, which is kinda what’s in most Japanese restaurants now.

The ambiance is nice, it is a weeknight, so it is not packed with customers, which is better and gives a more relaxing atmosphere. We were greeted politely and guided us to a table by Marc, after seating comfortably we were given menus and informed who our server is.

They have given us enough time to check the menu and to decide what to eat, in between they are politely asking if we are ready to make an order. It would have been better though if they have given or at least asked us if we’d like a service tea or water to drink while deciding, which is very common for a Japanese restaurant. This is one of the things that my friends, who dined before, didn’t even know, that they are serving tea, for free.

It is time to make an order, orders are taken properly, when a friend asked what is the top seller, the server confidently answered and suggested, which is a good sign of having the proper knowledge about their menu.

Pork belly w/ mixed vegetables

I ordered the Pork belly w/ mixed vegetables. It is my first time trying this meal, and it tasted good. There is this burnt taste of garlic, in which I liked. The pork is just cooked right, soft enough to bite. The mixed vegetable though, I can’t seemed to remember how it tasted,maybe because the soy and garlic are too strong, that they overpowered the natural sweetness of vegetables . But still all in all, i’m quite pleased with my choice.

Ginger flavored pork loin steak set

My friend ordered the best seller, which is the ginger flavored pork loin. This is also his first time trying this kind of meal, and according to him, he liked my order more than his. In which I agree, coz I also tried it, and the ginger is a bit too strong for you to really taste the pork. But still he ate 3 cups of rice, 3 bowls of cabbages and 3 orders of the eggplant teriyaki, hahaha.

I love the cabbages, and the sesame seed sauce. The eggplant teriyaki and Miso soup are okey, but the soup lacks an authentic taste of Miso. The rice, oh Japanese Rice, which I LOVEEE most in Japan, is a bit disappointing.

Regarding prices, it is of the same price range as to other Japanese restaurants in the market..

Location wise, it is at Greenbelt 5, so yes it is a premiere location for this kinds of restaurants.


All things considered, i’m glad that I experienced it, and with the right group of people to be with, full of fun stories and chit chat about nonsensical but informative stuffs… haha..

Tokyo Tonteki

Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City, Greenbelt


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