Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House

Caution HOT! A big red signage with this 2 words highlighted, catchy sign for passers by, like me,  that struck the interest to check it out.


This is how it looks like, and it will definitely get your attention. Specially if you are already in a hunt for place to eat, it is dinner time.

The chairs outside, filled up with patrons waiting for their table is also a ,  a good sign which tells new customers like me, that the place serves good food. Right away, we decided to head at the entrance of the store and asked the waitress for the menu and gave in. Queued in line, browse the menu, and planned what are we going to try to devour for tonight.


The menu is very simple, just a page of paper, with very limited choices, but just enough for what this compact place is offering, Chinese Noodles. Instructions on how to order are also clear, with a combination suggestions at the bottom so that it won’t be that hard.

We waited for quite a long time, on a weeknight, but it was fun. We are enjoying looking at the customers different reactions, on how hotttt/spicy their orders are, which heightens the anticipation.

We are ready to order, and the table is almost ready.


I ordered Beef Szechuan Egg Noodles. We tried different types of meat, broth and the noodles, so that we can eat and taste more. Mine has beef strips, very tender, so easy to chew, the broth is sweet, it compliments the spice level ‘1st degree burn’ (we are newbies after all). My soup also has slices of mushrooms, green veggies and fried egg, a bit odd and didn’t really matches the whole meal. Other than the fried egg, the rest are delectable .


My friend ordered the Seafood Asam Laksa Wheat Noodles. Seafood consists of Shrimp, squid, and a fish, the broth is sour and spicy fish paste with bits of pineapples and mint leaves. This Laksa is not the usual Laksa I known and loved from Singapore and Malaysia. The pineapples alone is a very different twist, and the mint leaves, but according to my friend the mint leaves complements the broth. She also ordered ‘1st degree burn’ spiciness, but it lacks the punch of hotness we expected.


Additional sidings, Pork Dumplings, it is… just ordinary. nothing so special.


I also ordered Soya as a drink, because of the heightened anticipation, I panicked, that it might be very hot for my taste, so this will wash the spiciness. The taste is refreshing, I love soy, even in my coffee.


We loved it. And we will definitely recommend it.


Excited for the next one. I will try other broth, then maybe the 2nd degree burn hotness. I also wanna try their dessert, Bao Bing, i’ve seen pleasing reactions from the other table eating it.

A friendly note, eat fast, eat it while it is still hot.

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Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House  is located at #87 Magiting St., Teacher’s Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila


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