Masuki Mami House, Binondo Manila

Masuki Mami House, is one of the well-known establishment/ restaurant in Binondo Manila. It has served 80+ years of clientele, from the regular customers, to local tourists and travelers from other parts of the World.


For myself, funny to say, but I just learned about it a few days ago. While browsing the pictures taken by a friend, I saw how tasteful looking the regular merienda foods that Masuki is serving.So after liking my friends post and asking how much the average cost per person is, I researched about it right away. Then, messaged and tried to convince friends to join me and plan a visit as soon as possible. So we went, 4 days after seeing it on Facebook.


Binondo Manila is Philippines Chinatown. It is filled with everything Filipino-Chinese heritage has to offer. Initial plan is just to eat at Masuki, but it is a shame to not roam around the area, and enjoy what it has to offer. So without any discussion, I created a draft of itinerary to maximize the day tour. I will post a separate blog regarding our mini half day tour in Binondo, for now, let me focus on one the famous Mami Houses in Manila.


Masuki Mami House’s location is a bit hard to find, specially if you are not familiar with the area, the streets and landmarks. It maintained an undemanding facade, simple exterior but very historical design. From the plain glass window to the wooden sliding door. Interiors are evocative of childhood restaurants/carinderia. Wooden tables and chairs, a wall/ceiling fan for ventilation. The whole ambiance really brings your mind back, and gives you the sense of history in it.

We are hungry, time to order Mami (Chinese Noodles) of course. Original chicken mami + regular asado siopao for me, and a special asado siopao (almost double the size of the regular + an egg inside) for my friend.


The regular chicken mami is a bit to bland for me. The broth doesn’t taste chicken enough. The flavor is weak, it lacks everything that i know of about a homemade mami.

The asado siopao on the other hand, is YUMMMMYYYY! It is tasty enough, that even without the sweet sauce it is delectable. The regular size is just snack size right,and price is very affordable (P45).


Thankful for the Siopao, I am still interested to go back and try other food options on their menu, other Siopao variance. The mami though, it is something that I won’t recommend yet, but still hopeful to try other flavors that might be different from the first one. I am still looking forward on my next try.

Masuki Mami House

929 Benavidez Street, Binondo Manila, Philippines (click for map)

Tel# 02 2432674 / 02 2440745

Opening hours : 7am-10:30pm

Click for Reviews / Click for Menu



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