Dong Bei Dumplings, Binondo Manila

Dong Bei Dumplings, one of a Hole in the Wall food outlets in Binondo Manila, and our second food stop ( right after Masuki Mami House) on our Binondo tour. If you want to eat authentic dimsums and dumplings in a VERY affordable price, this is the place to be.


We have not seen any reviews regarding this place, before we visit, but once we’re there, I can sense the authenticity of how the food will taste and the same ambiance as my favorite  Xiao Long Bao stall in Chinatown Singapore (Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao).

Dumplings are freshly made, right in front of the customers. The staffs are very accommodating, questions about the menu and what it is made from are happily explained and they can also give you suggestions of what to try. If you bond with them, they might even teach you how it is done.


We ordered Kuchay and Pork Dumplings (14pcs for ONLY P140) and 6pcs Xiao Long Bao (ONLY P120). Drinks are available on the menu, but they do not have hot tea, instead they offered us their own tea (good customer service), not to fancy but just good enough, and it is FREE.


Taste is very pleasing, 3 thumbs up for getting the authentic dumpling flavor. It is not complex, it doesn’t need spices or other condiments, the flavor comes from what’s inside it. Xiao Long Bao is delish, mouth-watering (thinking about it while writing this), palatable all the freakin’ synonyms for being so delicious.

Simply happiness in every bite.I found my dumpling place in the Philippines.

If you are into authentic dumplings and the legitimate experience of Chinatown, please do try  and visit this place. Location is a bit off track, but have fun and ask around, it feels good to be a tourist in your own country and have a more exciting adventure by getting lost.

Dong Bei Dumplings

642 Yuchengco St, Binondo, Manila


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