Binondo : Manila’s Chinatown

Unplanned… surprise…impromptu, these are words that is best fit to have a  FUN trip, or sometimes not, but most definitely an ADVENTURE.

This post is based on my 1st (coz there will be more) Binondo walking tour.

Overview : Binondo is a district in Manila and is referred to as the city’s Chinatown and is the world’s oldest Chinatown. Its influence extends beyond to the places of Quiapo, Santa Cruz, San Nicolas. It is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in the 1594 by the Spaniards as a settlement near Intramuros but across the Pasig River for Catholic Chinese – Wikipedia

We started the tour at the Manila Central Post Office. I always wanted to go down here, and just take a few photos and appreciate the neoclassical architecture of the building. It is a definite landmark since 1926, and my dear Grandma, used to work here as well.

Manila Central Post Office and Liwasang Bonifacio

From here, we just walked going to Binondo. It is just a few minutes walk going there, and you’ll pass through the bridge overlooking Pasig River and the other side of the Post Office. In the middle of bridge you can get a glimpse of Intramuros and Universities around the area. Right after the bridge, you will be welcomed by the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch, which is the world’s largest Chinatown arch which was unveiled June of 2015.


It is middle of the day, our stomach says so, which means it is time for lunch. Good thing that we don’t have anything in plan or on schedule, so we can decide if we want to stop and eat or stroll around the area.

I did not researched enough where the Mami house is located exactly, but I have this feeling that it is just around the Binondo Church, so we looked for the church first. We had a chance to say a little prayer and some photo op moments.


Stomach is growling. We, in agreement decided to look for the main reason we are here, Masuki Mami House, and look for it as fast we can, coz we are hungry as a bear.

Our foodventure on Masuki Mami House on this link. “MASUKI”

After a FULLfilling 1st eat of the day, it is time to enjoy what other things Chinatown has to offer.  They have a street full of Lucky Charms and all stuffs for a good Feng Shui, either for you to carry, or for your house or businesses.

We also looked for the best hopia and tikoy stores in town. Ho-Land and Eng Bee Tin. We bought a little bit of souvenirs and hopia in different flavors just to try.


After burning a few calories from our first eat, we opt to look for the next food stop. Dong Bei Dumplings, the best and most authentic dumplings in the city.

Dong Bei Dumplings foodventure on the link “DONG BEI”

We have achieved our desire to taste and enjoy Filipino-Chinese cuisine. As much as we like to try more food stalls and restaurants, our stomachs just won’t allow it. This adventure but more of a FOODventure is not yet over, I will be back, with a bigger stomach to make sure I can and I will try everything Binondo can offer.



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