Binondo : Manila’s Chinatown

Unplanned… surprise…impromptu, these are words that is best fit to have a  FUN trip, or sometimes not, but most definitely an ADVENTURE. This post is based on my 1st (coz there will be more) Binondo walking tour. Overview : Binondo is a district in Manila and is referred to as the city’s Chinatown and is the…

Dong Bei Dumplings, Binondo Manila

Dong Bei Dumplings, authentic dumplings and xiao long bao in a very affordable price . My dumpling place in the Philippines.

Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House

Caution HOT! A big red signage with this 2 words highlighted, catchy sign for passers by, like me,  that struck the interest to check it out. This is how it looks like, and it will definitely get your attention. Specially if you are already in a hunt for place to eat, it is dinner time….

Cagbalete Island

ME time to enjoy the beach and the silence with only the sound of waves crashing the shores while waiting for the sun to rise. Just a tumbler of coffee in my hand, I sat on the sand, alone, absorbing the warmth of the rising sun and the peacefulness of the morning.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, a rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea, has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mostly situated along the clear waters of the western shore. My second time in Thailand, backpacking by myself and this time trying out “Couchsurfing”. Couchsurfing  is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. The website provides a platform for…

The Best Bulalo

Bulalo, a Filipino dish made from beef shanks and marrow bones, boiled till the collagen and fat has melted into clear broth. It is best served and enjoyed during cold weather, that is why it is famous in Tagaytay. And the BEST bulalo in town is served in LZM restaurant.